The most terrible hurricane in Moscow took lives.

Throughout the spring the weather did not please the whole world, and especially the CIS countries. Cyclones with constant showers and colds did not leave the country. Also a snow was recorded several times in April on the territory of Ukraine and Russia. And finally, quite recently, there was a terrible hurricane in Moscow.

On May 29, Monday, the most powerful hurricane in Moscow stopped life in the city.

During the disaster, wind speed sometimes reached 16 meters per second. For this reason, many roofs were thwarted including the hurricane touched the roofs of the Kremlin. According to eyewitnesses, the wind simply blew the roof, but at the same time the tower itself remained unscathed. Also, a hurricane with roots tore up the trees, which later fell on the machines.

Many users of the social network Twitter shared their impressions, saying that miraculously remained alive, when the wind almost knocked down, and the huge branches flew in the face. In some areas, a tornado was recorded, which raised the cars and destroyed houses.

Also from reliable sources it is known that 11 people died after the hurricane. According to the latest data, 100 people turned to hospitals with injuries and bruises because of a hurricane in Moscow. At the Vnukovo airport, work was suspended due to a strong wind that tore the roof of the building.

The disaster did not spare the politicians of Russia.

Due to the many fallen trees, the passage from Dmitriy Medvedev’s residence outside Moscow was blocked. Just the most powerful wind tore the roof of the GU MVD building in Moscow.
Most of the roads in Moscow were blocked, the traffic of cars stopped, forming long traffic jams. People could not get home, waiting for buses to stop. The network has a photo of one of the possible deaths. A glass stop hit the man waiting for a taxi. Passers-by rushed to raise the construction in a jiffy to free the person and try to save his life. Also on the Moscow road, in connection with the hurricane, a tree crashed directly onto the passing bus, in which the passengers were.

Social networks around the world are full of news and photos from the scene of hurricane accidents in Moscow.

But it is because of some posts in the networks there was a scandal. A well-known Russian journalist published a post on Facebook that he was shocked by the reaction of Moscow residents. He is surprised at how easily people can joke about the scourge that has taken away human lives and left some people literally without a roof over their heads. Ayder Muzhdabaev argues that Muscovites are more interested in their cars than in people’s lives. He does not understand when and why the people of Russia have become so cruel and indifferent.

This sharp statement of reaction from politicians and the press did not follow. And the users were indignant at this reaction of the journalist, claiming that all are mourning and this is a big trouble for every resident of Moscow.

The whole world expresses its condolences on account of this event. All hope that a similar hurricane in Moscow will not affect more than one city and no country. And Moscow will quickly recover from the cataclysm and enter its normal rhythm.