Luciano Spalletti stops training «Roma».

This news has stirred up the whole world, and even more so the fans of the famous Italian football club. Luciano Spalletti himself began his career as a football player in one of the Italian clubs, and then continued as a coach. There was a lot of Italian teams under his leadership, but he achieved the greatest success with «Roma».

The coach himself brought success to his teams.

The first experience for the coach was the youth team, which was little known and because of this was in Serie C. But with the arrival of Luciano Spalletti, their life has changed radically. Due to the knowledge in the field of sports and the skills to properly manage, the coach brought the club from the C series to the top division.

The football club «Udinese» was also successful for the coach which he was able to transform from a regular club into a more solid football company. Together with the coach, football players were given the opportunity to participate in the Champions League. But, unfortunately, the work of Luciano Spalletti in this club did not last long. The coach himself decided to leave it because of the uncertainty that the team will be able to be successful for a long time, as required by the club’s director.

After a short time, Luciano Spalletti signed a contract for two years with the Italian football team «Roma».

The team at that time had more failures than the other way around. In this regard, there was a possibility of the departure of the team. But, despite the first setbacks of the Romans, the team still began to get second place in the championships.

After some time, the team twice won the Italian Cup and once the Super Bowl. The football club has become one of the most popular and highly paid clubs in Italy. In 2006 and 2007 Luciano Spalletti was recognized as the best coach of Serie A.

And in 2009, the coach graduated from the club. Perhaps it was due to the setbacks that overtook the club at the beginning of the season. But immediately, after the «Roma» was followed by the football club «Zenith». The football club did not lose for 23 matches at the head of Luciano Spalletti. In the group stage of the Europa League, the team won six wins in six games. And in 2010, under the leadership of the victorious coach, «Zenith» became the champion of the country. But after a quick start, the finish suddenly came to an end and a well-known coach was suspended from work in 2014. The reason for this was a tie between two football teams «Zenith» and «Tom».

Luciano Spalletti again returned to «Roma» and for a couple of years again gave the team many victories. But, the contract of the Italian team with a coach will end in June 2017. The official website of the football club confirmed this information and sincerely wished the coach success in his career. «Roma» thanked Luciano Spalletti, because thanks to him the team scored more goals and won more wins. Also there was information that the Italian coach will soon lead the football team «Inter».

A well-known coach remains one of the most popular in the whole world. In his entire coach’s history, he achieves the best results with his teams. It is noted by all the directors of football clubs, as well as by his colleagues.