Will Moskvich come back again?

«Moskvich» returns to the car market. This news stunned both the West and the former CIS countries. In the world of new technologies, nothing stands still. Automobile brands are constantly trying to introduce new functions and features into their products, improve quality in order to attract a large flow of customers.

More than half of the cars that are on the territory of Russia and Ukraine are produced in foreign countries.

Unfortunately, the Soviet automobile industry has long left the engineering market, and new factories have not appeared. Therefore now, when a car «Moskvich» or «Zhiguli» appears on the road, people are surprised how it is possible to travel on such transport without comfortable conditions. And why such cars serve their owners for many decades. The answer to this question is quality, because, as you know, everything was done «on conscience» in the USSR.

But nothing lasts forever.

The same happened with one of the largest automobile plants — AZLK. In 2001, the plant stopped its activities, and in 2006 it was formally declared bankrupt. In 2009, the brand «Moskvich» was bought by the German automobile company Volkswagen. For a long time this brand of the car did not interest anyone, but more recently news appeared that Moskvich would be put back into production.

This machine will be produced within budget cars in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Directly the future manufacturer is in the homeland of the car «Moskvich», namely in Russia, the city of Kaluga. There is a branch of automobile company Volkswagen and it’s necessary for make the task easy cause the the former factory is located in Russia. It should also be noted that at the moment part of the plant is used to produce cars brand Renault, and the second part is under the leadership of the company «Technopolis».

But there are also some nuances.

For example, the fact that the rights to manufacture «Moskvich» by Volkswagen will end in 2021. Will the plant succeed in producing enough machines or in the plans of the Germans to extend ownership rights? According to experts, everything will depend on the number of sales of cars, as well as on their popularity and expediency. It’s known the fact that this machine is semi-cargo. It is particularly applicable in rural areas, or for small construction works. As it is roomy and can serve as an excellent vehicle for taxi services.

For fans of antiquarian things and antiquities this event is more than ever the way. After all, in Europe, always appreciated the Russian production and respected the Soviet fashion. Many Germans always had a «Moskvich» in the garage to maintain the status of a connoisseur of good cars, and on their hands there were bulky hours that glowed in the dark.

Therefore, you can be sure that this idea will not only bring great interest to long-forgotten cars. It will also give Volkswagen the opportunity to extract a large amount of cash from sales of world-famous machines.