The scandal «on the bones». Tatyana Masnyuk was killed, and forgotten by the police at the scene of the crime.

Quite recently in Odessa there was a murder, which terrified and panicked the whole country. According to the police, Tatyana Masnyuk who is a seventeen-year-old native of Zhitomir, and who was educated at the Odessa Law Academy, was raped and killed. As it was previously known, this girl got into a taxi, after which the taxi driver offered to take a walk around the city and went to the forest planting in Odessa. The taxi driver claims that the girl was willing to take such a walk. Then the man invited the student to enter into a sexual relationship with him and Tatyana Masnyuk was agreed. Why there was such a brutal murder, the taxi driver could not explain. From his words it is clear only that at one point a man decided to strangle a girl. Not knowing where to put the body, the man instantly decided to get rid of him by any means. He burned the girl’s body near the place of walking and direct sexual contact.

The police were sure that the man was lying to avoid life imprisonment, which will be if there was rape and subsequent murder. And, in the end, it was confirmed when the man himself asked to apply to him the death penalty, because he is not worthy to live, since from childhood he can’t control his aggression. As he said earlier, he mocked animals, and when he did not find a victim, he began to mock himself.
It is worth noting that the police are considering the possibility of a series of murders by this citizen of Ukraine. After all, a similar case was in 2010, when the girl’s burned body was also found with traces of rape and asphyxiation. The murderer in this case was never found. Also there is information about the loss in one girl in 2016, the year before last, three girls were lost, at this moment, we know about the loss of two girls, in addition to Tatyana Masnyuk. We are not authorized for talking about a sex maniac in Odessa, but there are a lot of coincidences in this series of terrible events.

A few days ago, a scandal erupted in social networks about the murder of a student. A well-known Odessa journalist, Konstantin Gak, stated that the police did not remove the remains of the victim from the scene of the crime. As evidence to this, the journalist provided photographs taken at the site of the burning of Tatiana Masnyuk. In these photographs clearly visible tibia, as well as elements of the ridge. These materials were not transferred to forensic medical examination and therefore, to say with certainty that this remains of the victim is unacceptable.

The police immediately responded to this statement and sent an investigation team to the scene of the crime. The representative of the police provided photographs showing that only the stick and gloves of the expert were left in the place where the girl was burned.

Users of social networks differed in opinions who believe that the journalist is lying and fanning the sensation «on the bones» of a deceased person who speaks of sloppiness on the part of the police.
But who would, what, did not say, the girl can’t return, and it remains only to express her condolences to the parents and friends of the girl.