Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is one of the most serious diseases in the world today. This illness is spreading at a frantic pace, covering a huge number of people. This sad statistics has become the reason for the establishment of World AIDS Day.

According to the decision of the UN General Assembly annually on the first day of winter, this event is celebrated in the world. The founders of this date want that all people at least once a year think about this problem.

More than two million people die from AIDS every year. All the inhabitants of our planet should understand the scale of the disaster. It is necessary to take measures to stop the epidemic, which is coming to the people.

Many celebrities have become the victims of AIDS:

Freddie Mercury, the legendary British singer, soloist of “Queen”.

Rudolf Nureyev, the Russian ballet dancer.

Miles Davis, American jazz musician.

Isaac Asimov, the science fiction writer from the United States of America.

Frank Moore, an artist who has created the symbol of AIDS – a red ribbon …

On his fight against AIDS, American actor Charlie Sheen has recently declared.

This list can be prolonged. Treat seriously about your health. This is the most valuable thing a person has.