Apple HomePod

The new gadget from Apple as always attracts attention with minimalist design and powerful features. Portable speaker HomePod, announced in 2017 at the next conference, adapts the sound to the environment. All actions are controlled by the Siri voice assistant. This is a new level of sound, the developers promise!

The speaker supports Apple Music and plays audio without buffering. HomePod is a combination of new sound technology and advanced software. Regardless of the location of the speaker in the room, the sound will be played with the highest quality. In the gadget built-in accelerator and the function of orientation in space. Due to this, HomePod regulates its work with respect to location. Regardless of where you place it, it will automatically direct the sound to your side. At the wall, in the corner, or in the center of the room – you will always hear a clear sound without interference. In addition, it has a built-in echo cancellation system. And you can synchronize two or more such devices using AirPlay2. The speakers will begin to interact, even if they are installed in different rooms, and create a real stereo system with high-quality sound.


HomePod has a built-in subwoofer, thanks to which you can enjoy deep bass sound. A special algorithm analyzes music all the time to adjust the bass to play sound without distortion.

Low frequencies are also not forgotten. Seven tweeters built into the sleek HomePod form let you hear your favorite tracks with the feeling that the sound surrounds you 360 °!

Chip A8 is the computing power of the device’s acoustics. It is responsible for recognition of outgoing and incoming sound, the possibility of voice control during playback, echo cancellation and much more.

HomePod is made in two colors – dark and white. This monochrome design fits into any interior and even becomes a stylish accessory.

Reacts to the touch (pause / volume control), while the upper part is beautifully illuminated by LEDs (as in the reproduction of Siri speech).

HomePod HomePod

With the help of Siri, you can switch the track from a distance, set an alarm, find out the name of the drummer in the current audio recording, turn on your favorite song. And thus the assistant will react only to your voice, protecting confidentiality.

The speaker remembers your musical preferences and creates playlists with compilations.

Well, if you have a smart home system on Apple HomeKit, you can ask the HomePod to drop the blinds or, for example, turn on the light.