Today, the popular Soviet actor of theater and cinema Andrei Mironov would have turned 76 years old. He had left us for almost 30 years ago, but there is hardly anyone who does not know this great actor. Andrey Mironov is a real legend. Films with his participation can be reviewed a hundred times while enjoying the inimitable play of the actor.

It seems that each incarnated image was close to Mironov. Charming gangster Gesha from the film “The Diamond Arm”, the great combinator Ostap Bender from the movie “Twelve Chairs”, veterinarian Roman Lyubeshkin from “Three Plus Two”, policeman Andrei Vasiliev from the exciting movie “The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia” and many other roles. And how many images were created in the theater…

It remains only to guess how many more brilliant roles Andrei Mironov could have played if his life had not come to an end so early. Thank you for leaving such a legacy behind!

In memory of the great actor