Falcon Heavy
06. 02. 2018 Elon Musk, a hugecc Falcon Heavy rocket, is launching (online)

Elon Musk will try to release the most powerful rocket in the world with its […]

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Falcon Heavy
02. 02. 2018 Rocket Falcon Heavy will be launched in 4 days

The long-awaited launch date of Falcon Heavy will soon come Many times he loudly announced […]

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The plane overcame the intercontinental space on the fuel of mustard and kerosene!

Fuel from mustard will reduce the release of CO2 into the atmosphere For the first […]

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Smart HomePod speaker

Apple HomePod The new gadget from Apple as always attracts attention with minimalist design and […]

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01. 02. 2018 Mazda is going to release an ICE Skyactiv-3, the same eco-friendly as an electric motor

The effectiveness of Skyectiv-3 ICE will reach a record 56%! Mazda intends to create engines […]

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пластиковая упаковка
18. 01. 2018 One-time plastic packaging will soon be banned by the European Union

The EU reacted to China’s refusal to process imported plastic garbage. Plastic packaging, intended for […]

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15. 12. 2017 Metamaterial will protect astronauts from radiation in space

A metamaterial is created that can protect against radiation The first manned flight into space […]

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ewiges Glück
Neuroscience has found a way to eternal bliss. How to get “eternal happiness”?

How to “deceive” the brain, and get “eternal happiness”? In early December, the annual meeting […]

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