DNA collection
15. 12. 2017 New free medical examination in China – total DNA collection

Mass harvesting of DNA in China China is trying to create the world’s largest biometric […]

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fire in California Los Angeles
08. 12. 2017 Wildfire in California

The fire reached Los Angeles The fire destroys indiscriminately forest, houses of ordinary people and […]

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new Tesla Roadster
23. 11. 2017 Tesla Roadster

The presentation of Tesla Ilon Mask, CEO of the Tesla electric vehicle, last Thursday introduced […]

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21. 11. 2017 News. What is it?

Why do the facts become known? What is the meaning of the term , the […]

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Earthquake in Mexico
08. 09. 2017 A Powerful Earthquake in Mexico as a Result of Hurricane Irma

Earthquake in Mexico Evening, September 7, the southern coast of Mexico suffered from a powerful […]

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tropical storm in Mexico
20. 06. 2017 The tropical storm in Mexico will very soon become real.

A tropical storm in Mexico threatens the population. According to the National Center for Hurricanes, […]

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in the Louvre
13. 06. 2017 In the Louvre there was an emergency evacuation of visitors.

There was a withdrawal of visitors from the building in the Louvre. There was a […]

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29. 05. 2017 Egypt will again become a place of rest for the Russian population.

Very soon Egypt will be open to Russian tourists. To date, there are all prerequisites […]

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