11. 07. 2018 The hryvnia strengthened, inflation has slowed down

The hryvnia strengthened, inflation has slowed down. During June of this year, inflation slowed by […]

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22. 06. 2018 Instagram – is the most popular social network in the world

Instagram is the most popular social network in the whole world. Millions of people around […]

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13. 06. 2018 Amazon Go in the USA

Saturday morning. Everyone is in a race to do shopping for a week. There is […]

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Falcon Heavy
06. 02. 2018 Elon Musk, a hugecc Falcon Heavy rocket, is launching (online)

Elon Musk will try to release the most powerful rocket in the world with its […]

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titanium brake caliper
24. 01. 2018 Bugatti has printed on the 3D-printer a titanium brake caliper

The world’s first titanium brake caliper With the development of scientific technologies, you are less […]

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AI painted a bird
19. 01. 2018 AI painted a bird by description

Microsoft gave a textual description, and the AI ​​drew a bird Already aware of the […]

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пластиковая упаковка
18. 01. 2018 One-time plastic packaging will soon be banned by the European Union

The EU reacted to China’s refusal to process imported plastic garbage. Plastic packaging, intended for […]

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Blue River Technology
12. 01. 2018 Agribusiness Blue River Technology completely transforms agriculture

Blue River Technology, which was recently purchased by John Deere, created robots that can dramatically […]

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