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Blue River Technology
Economics 12. 01. 2018 Agribusiness Blue River Technology completely transforms agriculture

Blue River Technology, which was recently purchased by John Deere, created robots that can dramatically […]

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mammoth мамонтов
Science 12. 01. 2018 Matriarchy in mammoths

Scientists managed to establish that the mammoths had matriarchy Russia, Sweden and the Netherlands have […]

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Accidents 12. 01. 2018 Who are the Amish and why do they live longer than others?

It turned out that the Amish live on average 10-15 years longer than others In […]

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Science 11. 01. 2018 Smart Travelmate and ForwardX suitcases

Travelmate and ForwardX released “unmanned” suitcases About smart watches, smart cars, smart houses, we have […]

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Culture 11. 01. 2018 Italy. Attractions and interesting places

Italy When this country is mentioned, art samples such as paintings, sculptures and architectural masterpieces […]

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Culture 11. 01. 2018 Loft style in the interior

What is a loft and how it originated Loft – one of the most modern […]

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