Биткоины, Bitcoins, Біткоіни
18. 01. 2017 Bitcoins in Spanish ATMs

A new function has appeared in the ATMs of Spain. Now users

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Файлообменник, File hosting, Файлообмінник
18. 11. 2016 File hosting ceases its activities

File hosting is one of the most popular repositories o

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Мирные акции протеста, Peaceful protests, мирні акції протесту
15. 11. 2016 Peaceful protests are held in Kiev

Peaceful protests are held under the walls of the Verkhovna

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Новая монета, new coin, Нова монета
07. 11. 2016 New coin of 1 pound will appear next year in Great Britain

According to the British Treasury, the coin will have twelve

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объем продаж автомобилей в Украине , volume of car sales in Ukraine , обсяг продажів автомобілів в Україні
03. 11. 2016 Volume of car sales in Ukraine increased significantly

In spite of the economic crisis, car sales in Ukraine have i

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минимальная заработная плата в Украине, Minimum wage in Ukraine, Мінімальна заробітна плата в Україні
26. 10. 2016 Minimum wage in Ukraine will be doubled

The minimum wage in Ukraine will be doubled in the next year

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