places to visit in Warsaw
Top places to visit in Warsaw

Places to visit in Warsaw Recently, Warsaw is the city that has become one of the most places to visit. The capital of Poland is…

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Earthquake in Mexico
A Powerful Earthquake in Mexico as a Result of Hurricane Irma

Earthquake in Mexico Evening, September 7, the southern coast of Mexico suffered from a powerful earthquake with a magnitude of about 8 points. According to…

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cloud storage
How cloud storage works

Cloud storage Back in 2008, Eric Schmidt, the head of the world-famous company Google pronounced in his speech the term cloud. Of course, the term…

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artificial intellegence
Artificial intelligence accessible to everyone

Artificial intelligence accessible to everyone The main task of all research on artificial intelligence lies in the collaboration of man and machine. A couple of…

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In which country waffels first appeared?

In which country wafers first appeared? Austrian, English, American, Russian, Belgian, Dutch, Czech and even Hong Kong ... yes - these are all varieties of…

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hurricane Irma
The hurricane Irma caused an emergency evacuation of tourists from the southern coast.

Emergency evacuation due to the hurricane Irma in the USA In the state of Florida, the hurricane Irma caused an emergency evacuation of tourists from…

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transgender people
Transgender people are again banned in the US Army.

According to the American president, transgender people are not pleased with the army. Yesterday, in his tweet, Donald Trump announced his desire to reintroduce a…

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Game Blue Whale
Game Blue Whale is now in Germany.

The latest news says that the Game Blue Whale is gaining popularity in Germany. One of the first proofs of potential danger was the police's…

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